Technology And Blinds, Our New Alexa Compatible Motorized Blinds

Alexa Compatible Motorized Blinds

Welcome to a world of technology that is making your life easier and fun! Seeing technology getting infused in everything we do is so much fun and accessible that we all are jaw-dropped by how much we can achieve through it. The time we saw sci-fi movies that had automatic houses, and we just wanted to own one of those was awesome. But this time is even cooler when human beings have brought all those cool gadgets into reality thanks to the ever so growing technology. Talking about technology, let’s introduce the automatic blinds that are making lives easier and making homes smart.

But how do automatic blinds operate?

Automatic blinds come with a small motor fixed in them that allows you to open or close your blinds through remote control. But what’s even better is that these blinds can be controlled through automatic actions when preprogrammed for special times of the day. This way, these blinds become very easy to use and control as using a TV sitting on the couch is an old thing and operating your blinds is what’s new!

How will the blinds be powered?

These automatic blinds that are power motorized are charged from a battery. They will need to be fixed by a mechanic who will hand wire them in (Don’t worry we at Blinds in Days do it for you). You won’t need to have to replace the batteries in many years to come once you get them perfectly installed by our professional hand. You can command these blinds using your phones or even through voice commands by talking to Alexa!

But why should I get automatic blinds other than them being cool?

Well, they are so cool and operate swiftly! But that’s not it. These curtains come with so many benefits that make them a staple addition to modern houses. Let us have a look at the advantages of automatic blinds.

– Easy and convenient:

We all want to command things and make them happen so that we won’t have to get up from the cozy couch. Well, let us add another remote in our lives that would open up the curtains and close them without you having to move a limb. Single touch open and close automatic blinds are

– Shades and blinds last longer:

Automated blinds stay put, and they involve no touching unless you are cleaning them up. This means they will have a lot less wear and tear and hence they live a lot longer than ordinary curtains.

– They are stylish:

Automated blinds go so perfectly with our modern homes and let us be in control of what happens in our interiors with a single touch.

– A providence of instant privacy:

Saw someone peeking inside? Shut those curtains off without having to get up by clicking the remote control button of your technology-infused blinds.

We love technology and want our homes to be compactly full of it, no matter what! Let’s open and close our curtains with the use of our voice control as well! Use Alexa or your phone to open and close the blinds and protect your privacy at once.

At Blinds in Days you can have Motorized Zebra Blinds, or Motorized Roller Shades. As us for our variety.

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