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So you’re on a cleaning binge…

You’ve done it all; the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuumed, mopped, and yes, you even got that grease grime out of your oven.

Then you look back at the recently wiped-down spotless windows and notice… you still have a house full of decor blinds to dust off and clean. You put it off until the following week, or maybe even forever.

Stop putting it off. There is no need to keep that sticky dust on those nice plantation shutters or really on any kind of blinds!

Here are some secrets and not-so-secretive solutions to have those blinds quickly and easily clean in no time:

Let’s start with those nice Zebra Roller Window Shades and other Fabric Shades.

  • Vacuum Cleaner with brush attachment
  • Mild Detergent and Warm Water mixture
  • Soft Cloth
  1. Grab your vacuum with its brush attachment and gently vacuum your blinds. Try to create uniform strokes like up to down and side to side. Don’t forget to do both sides.
  2. For those easy spots, simply blot with your clean cloth and mixture. Be sure not to crinkle your shades, nor rub. It’s important to just blot.
  • For stronger stains, feel free to send them to the dry cleaners or use a household stain remover. But before doing so, make sure you spot test and wait 24hrs to have that desire result.

Next, tricky Bamboo Shades

  • Vacuum with attachment
  1. These are tricky especially when you wipe them, the cloth fibers can shed in its weaves. So it’s important you only use your vacuum and about an inch to two inches away from your nice bamboo shades. This will prevent any damage.

Don’t have a duster, microfiber or a vacuum attachment?

  • Dryer Sheets (yup!)
  1. For a quick solution, grab a dryer sheet and start wiping that dust gently away. Close your blinds and work from top to bottom.

It’s important to note you should always check your blinds’ instructions manual first, but for those who simply throw that out, these are good safe and quick tips to clean your blinds.

Check back for more cleaning tips on more types of blinds and shades!

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